The New Girls In Town

Barred Rock Hen

A few weeks ago we added some new girls to the yard. We now have seven year-old laying hens courtesy of our wonderful family! Thank you family – you know who you are! They are...


First Cucumbers!

holding a cucumber

I found the first cucumbers hiding in the garden this morning. I had no idea they were that close. They are at the bottom of the trellis under the leaves. I brought them in...


2014 Magicicadas in Illinois

Magicacada Brood III
Cicadas on plants in the yard

Just this week we started finding hundreds (ok thousands) of cicadas outside each morning and everyday the hum in the air is growing. A bit of searching turned up that 2014 in our part...


The first tomatoes are in. Early.

Transplanted Tomatoes

The tomatoes have been in the cold frame for a few weeks now and are doing well. Yesterday I moved the rest of the cattle panel trellises into the garden and connected them with...