First Asparagus

Last June when we moved we spent lots of time exploring our new property and I was excited to find some planted asparagus in an old garden area that now has fruit trees. I...



Sometimes the best part of winter is looking forward to spring. I enjoy the anticipation that comes with opening my seeds again, deciding what to plant and where. We have had a lot of...



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Seed Starting 2013

I started my first seeds of 2013 today. Since it is really early I just did tomatoes and peppers. There are nine starts each of eight varieties – four each of peppers and tomatoes....


Herbal Tea from the Garden

I have several plants that have been going strong all winter inside. Two of them make wonderful herbal tea – mint and lemon balm. I grab a small handful of leaves from either one...


Yummy Granola

I have used a few granola recipes over the years, but this was the first I tried and one that I go back to frequently because of how easy it is. The granola can...