Fresh Garden Salsa

Fresh salsa from the garden is one of my favorite ways to use up the summer bounty of tomatoes and peppers. I do wish my cilantro in the garden had made it, but  for now I’ll make do with packaged. This amount of salsa is good for a small snack for 2 people.


  • Tomatoes – I used 2 amish paste (and yes, one had blossom end rot)
  • Pepper(s) – I used one chinese 5 color (hot)
  • Onion – About a quarter of an onion
  • 1 tablespoon cilantro
  • Salt to tast



Cut the tomatoes, onions and pepper into small dices.

Place in serving bowl and sprinkle cilantro and salt over the top.




Enjoy with tortilla chips!


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3 thoughts on “Fresh Garden Salsa

    1. Liz – I haven’t tried to can it because we eat it too fast. But as our summer season is winding down I’m wondering about this same thing. I will do some more research and hopefully have a post about it soon!


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