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Sunday Harvest

We spent this beautiful Sunday morning out in the garden. It began with an impromptu hornworm spotting that turned into a full on hornworm massacre. I think we killed at least 10. Yuck. They are so big and gross and are able to blend in so easily right in front of your eyes! Once we […]

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Backgarden Update

Well, it’s been awhile since I updated the blog, and even longer since I mentioned the backgarden. I planted it late, on June 17th. Here’s what it looks like today. Yes, my corn is very short. But is does have ears growing. I’m not sure they’ll have long enough to ripen before the first frost […]

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Sorry for the Radio Silence! Our Week and the Bumper Tomato Crop

You may have noticed that things were pretty quiet around here a bit ago. You may also have noticed my brief (to say the least) bumper tomato crop post. The two definitely coincide. Unfortunately, the bumper tomato crop was not my own (though mine are certainly doing well). We spent the better part of a […]


Dropcloth Curtains – Easy Faux Roman Shades

When we moved into our new place a little over a year ago it was oddly void of window coverings. I guess the previous owners didn’t like them, though the house looked okay without them when we checked it out. After moving in we realized how much we disliked having nothing to cover the windows […]

Garden Tomato

Bumper Tomato Crop

More on these in a few days!    

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Veggie Salad in a Cucumber Cup

Several days ago I was surfing recipe sites and pinterest-ing (is that a word?) them . I marked this one down but wasn’t sure I’d try it. Fast forward to today. I happened to have some mint that I thinned out of the garden and wasn’t sure what to do with it. This recipe was the […]

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Today’s Harvest

I spent some time in the garden today, squishing the dreaded cabbage worms and pulling some weeds. It felt good to bring all these veggies in to the kitchen though!


Comfy Sleep Set from Fishstick Designs

Pattern: Comfy Sleep Set from Fishsticks Designs Size: 2T with length and bottom band added to top Material: Airplane knit from My little guy was in need of a few more pairs of PJs and I decided I wanted to try this pattern out. I love a free pattern! I lengthened the shirt for […]

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Excalibur Dehydrator Frustration – It’s Loud!

UPDATE: I was able to get the new fan blade installed. It helped, a little. The machine is still noisy, but since it dries food so well we just deal with it. END UPDATE I am SO frustrated with the Excalibur people. I received an Excalibur 3900 as a gift last Christmas (2010). What an […]


Hornworms and Cucumber Beetles

I went out to the garden this morning to see my pepper plant stripped of its leaves and most of the peppers. And see that poop all underneath it? Yuck.   Um, not good. A quick google turned up information on hornworms. So I went out to search. Nothing I read prepared me for the […]