Transplanted Tomatoes

The first tomatoes are in. Early.

The tomatoes have been in the cold frame for a few weeks now and are doing well. Yesterday I moved the rest of the cattle panel trellises into the garden and connected them with temporary zip ties to the t-posts. Today I will be using the metal connector wires to make sure they are solid.

Once I had the panels in I got a bit anxious and decided to go ahead and transplant four of the tomatoes. They are outgrowing their pots in the cold frame and should be hardened off pretty well by now. Besides, I keep hearing about it being safe to plant on Mother’s Day and that is only 6 days away. Our forecast shows warm days this week in the high 70’s and low 80’s, and the coldest nights are in the high 40’s.

So I took the leap and put four Bonny Best tomatoes in. I spaced them at two foot increments on the hog/cattle panel trellis. Each square of the trellis is 8 inches wide, so that makes spacing simple. Each tomato goes in the middle of a three-square section and is then mulched with straw and watered. I did not add anything to the planting holes as the bed was already prepped with fresh compost.

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