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  • Green Juice for Breakfast, Omega 8004/8006 Review

    Green Juice for Breakfast, Omega 8004/8006 Review

      Many mornings we start the day with juice from fresh produce. I can’t think of a quicker or better way to pack the nutritional punch that a glass of fresh vegetable juice offers. I can definitely tell the difference when we drink our juice versus when we don’t. I also noticed how filling a…

  • We have green beans!

    We have green beans!

    I am so excited! I was doing my usual check of the garden this morning and when I brushed through the beans I noticed there was a really long one beneath the leaves. Imagine my surprise when I looked harder and saw a whole bunch of beans! These are Henderson’s Black Valentine Pole Beans from…

  • Revenge of the Cabbage Worms

    Revenge of the Cabbage Worms

    (click on the images to view them larger) I have been noticing more and more holes in the leaves of my kale. At first I attributed them to a hail storm, but as leaves started almost disappearing I decided a closer look was in store. And lo and behold – cabbage worms. Yuck! I’ve been…

  • The Fate of the First Tomato

    The Fate of the First Tomato

      The first tomato quickly became tomato sauce for my lunch, loosely based on this Alton Brown recipe. Here’s what I did. Backyard Tomato Sauce Ingredients: 1 big beef tomato hefty pinch of sea salt pinch of basil pinch of oregano a few shakes of pepper big pinch garlic powder even bigger pinch onion powder…

  • Green(ish) Smoothies

    Green(ish) Smoothies

    I love these green smoothies. They are such a great way to use up all the Kale in the garden and have a yummy treat with a nutritious punch. Here’s what I do: Wash the kale and separate the leaves from the stems. Lightly steam the leaves until they are slightly soft. Put the steamed kale in…

  • First Tomato of 2011

    First Tomato of 2011

    (click on the images to view them larger) The first big beef tomato has ripened! Well, mostly. I went ahead and picked it early because it has blossom end rot. This was one of the tomatoes that was already on the plant before I transplanted it and from my reading it seems like that is…

  • Garden Update

    Garden Update

    Everything is growing like crazy! The sugar pie pumpkins are snaking their way up the trellis, and to the next trellis, and on the ground, and over the flowers… They are unstoppable and I’m going to have to cut them back even if it pains me. My calabrese broccoli finally started to grow a head.…

  • Note to self…

    Note to self…

    Grow more beets in 2012. 🙂

  • The backgarden is planted and sprouting

    The backgarden is planted and sprouting

    The garden behind the fence is planted. Thank you Dad for letting me borrow the tiller. That made a world of difference! I planted on Friday, June 17th (albeit a bit late): Early Golden Bantam Sweet Corn Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans Spaghetti Squash Connecticut Field Pumpkin Table Queen Squash Charleston Grey Watermelon Early Yellow Straightneck…

  • Garden Update 6/19/11 – Beet and Radishes

    Garden Update 6/19/11 – Beet and Radishes

  • Garden Update 6/10/11 – Radishes

    Garden Update 6/10/11 – Radishes

    6/10/2011 radishes

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