Garden Tomato

First Tomato of 2011

(click on the images to view them larger) The first big beef tomato has ripened! Well, mostly. I went ahead and picked it early because it has blossom end rot. This was one of the tomatoes that was already on the plant before I transplanted it and from my reading it seems like that is […]

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Garden Update

Everything is growing like crazy! The sugar pie pumpkins are snaking their way up the trellis, and to the next trellis, and on the ground, and over the flowers… They are unstoppable and I’m going to have to cut them back even if it pains me. My calabrese broccoli finally started to grow a head. […]

Beets Garden

Note to self…

Grow more beets in 2012. 🙂

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The backgarden is planted and sprouting

The garden behind the fence is planted. Thank you Dad for letting me borrow the tiller. That made a world of difference! I planted on Friday, June 17th (albeit a bit late): Early Golden Bantam Sweet Corn Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans Spaghetti Squash Connecticut Field Pumpkin Table Queen Squash Charleston Grey Watermelon Early Yellow Straightneck […]

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Garden Update 6/19/11 – Beet and Radishes

Garden Radish

Garden Update 6/10/11 – Radishes

6/10/2011 radishes