2017 brought many changes for the cookgardensew family, including a new locale! Click to read more and check out the new garden and our “urban homestead” in Colorado.

holding a cucumber

I found the first cucumbers hiding in the garden this morning. I had no idea they were that close. They are at the bottom of the trellis under the leaves. I brought them in and we promptly gobbled them up!  


This will be our first full summer in our new house. We have a lot on our plate this year with gardening and landscape work, so I am trying to be realistic on my goals while focusing on using what we have (wild fruit, fruit trees, etc) and making the most of what we grow. My food/garden goals for this year are (in no particular order) Gather and dehydrate some mulberries Freeze… Read More

Asparagus in Hand

Last June when we moved we spent lots of time exploring our new property and I was excited to find some planted asparagus in an old garden area that now has fruit trees. I cleaned it out this spring and have been watching it closely. How fitting that our first asparagus comes today on Easter! They are still a bit short but very tasty. Yum!

I have spent the past month picking and smashing hornworms, all the while wondering where in the heck those wonderful parasitic wasps were. I guess they decided to make an entrance now that fall is banging down our door.

Squash Bugs

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my first year of organic gardening is that you can’t be afraid to get out there and squish a few bugs. Even when they are as big as your thumb. Have you seen any of these pests in your garden this year? What pests have you seen this year? This post is shared at:

We spent this beautiful Sunday morning out in the garden. It began with an impromptu hornworm spotting that turned into a full on hornworm massacre. I think we killed at least 10. Yuck. They are so big and gross and are able to blend in so easily right in front of your eyes! Once we got all the hornworms we could find (I shudder to think that there are more) we picked… Read More

Garden behind the fence

Well, it’s been awhile since I updated the blog, and even longer since I mentioned the backgarden. I planted it late, on June 17th. Here’s what it looks like today. Yes, my corn is very short. But is does have ears growing. I’m not sure they’ll have long enough to ripen before the first frost though. The summer squash, zucchini, spaghetti squash, and pumpkins are all growing. I have harvested a few… Read More