What I Planted: 2014

I also have this information on a page that details the plants/seeds, where I purchased them, and dates for planting, sprouting, and harvesting that opens in a new page. You can sort by any of the fields and also see how many days there were from planting to sprouting and from planting to harvest.

(View this on its own page in a sortable table view)


Seeds started inside:

  • Arkansas Traveler Tomato
  • Bonnie’s Best Tomato
  • Riesentraube Tomato (cherry)
  • Yellow Riesentraube Tomato (cherry)
  • Rutgers Tomato
  • Emerald Giant Pepper
  • Chinese Five Color Pepper (hot)
  • Chia
  • Purple Coneflower


Direct Seeded In the Garden:


  • 5 Color Swiss Chard
  • Pole Beans
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Cylindra Beets
  • Long Standing Spinach
  • Danvers Half-Long Carrots
  • Radishes


  • Onion starts from the farm store


  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Table Queen Squash
  • Small Sugar Pumpkins
  • Strawberry Popcorn
  • Marketmore 76 Cucumbers
  • Straight 8 Cucumbers
  • Contender Bush Bean
  • Ali Baba Watermelon
  • Orangeglo Watermelon
  • Double Standard Sweet Corn


  • Transplanted 6 Honeyoye Strawberry Plants
  • Transplanted 6 Jewel Strawberry Plants


  • Transplanted 4 Bonny Best Tomato Plants (from the cold frame)


  • Transplated 1 Bonny Best Tomato Plant (to replace the one the dog dug up)
  • Transplanted 3 Tappy’s Heritage Tomato Plant
  • Transplanted 1 Rutgers Tomato Plant
  • Mammoth Grey Striped Sunflowers
  • Jewel Mix Nasturtiem
  • Thai Sweet Basil
  • Dwarf Blue Curled Kale
  • Russian Red (Ragged Jack) Kale


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