Garden Before and After

Raised Beds in July

This first shot was taken this Spring. You can see lettuce in the farthest bed to the left, kale and tomatoes in the middle and the peas coming up all the way on the right.

Raised Beds in Spring

And this one was taken earlier this week.

Raised Beds in July

I’m very pleased with the way things are growing and I’m learning so much! How about you? How is your garden looking this summer?


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5 thoughts on “Garden Before and After

  1. I’m on year two of learning to garden. Everything is turning out pretty good (blueberries, strawberries, spinach, kale, lettuce, corn, etc…). My biggest problem is that my pea trellis wasn’t built strong enough and they fell down!! I like the one you have in your pic…looks nice and sturdy. Will try that one next year!


    1. Thanks! I found the idea on the web and the trellises were super easy to build and not too expensive. I think I’ll write up a quick post with a link to the (free) plans. 🙂


  2. I see you have your squash growing up a trellis– what type are you growing? I’m thinking of trying it next year. how’s it working for you?


    1. The trellis that’s in the forefront in these pictures has Small Sugar Pumpkins growing on it. They a doing great so far – they went up the trellis with minimal help (a little repositioning here and there) and have attempted to take over the other side of the trellis and the one next to it. I did plant them way to closely – about 6 inches apart – and I’m a bit worried about that. But so far so good.

      I also have Spaghetti Squash planted under a trellis. They are going up but much more slowly than the pumpkins for sure.


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