This school year has begun in a markedly different way than all our past years. After 6 years of homeschooling and a substantial location change, we took the plunge into a new normal in mid-August. Our kids are now attending a local charter school that we are quickly growing to love. This marks the first time my kids have left my side each and every weekday since they were preschoolers – a… Read More

About a month ago we took off down the road looking for a new adventure. We drove a bit and then settled on an almost 5 mile hike at Button Rock Preserve. 

One of my favorite things about Colorado has been the number of awesome parks and open space available to explore. Our adventures today brought us to LaVern M. Johnson Park in Lyons, CO. This park is wonderful destination for families with children young and old and grownups as well. This park has it all – camping space for tent and RV camping (with some spots right along the creek), two playgrounds, lots… Read More

Like many people, we had a number of places close by with fireworks shows. We decided that Ralphie’s Independence Day Blast at Folsom Field would make for a great “first year in CO” choice, as we had yet to visit the stadium for any games or events. For as busy as things were, parking was easy to find and we took a nice walk through campus towards Folsom Field. The evening was… Read More