What is eating my cabbage?!

A quick jaunt to the garden this morning uncovered a mystery. One of my cabbages has something munching on it. My first thought was maybe a monsterous cabbage worm, but there isn’t really any poop around or in it so I’m thinking maybe it is becoming a snack for something larger. Do squirrels eat cabbage?!

4 thoughts on “What is eating my cabbage?!

    1. I never did find out for sure, but we’ve had issues with earwigs chomping on things lately. Maybe they were also the cabbage culprit?


    1. Here in Colorado excess water isn’t usually too much of an issue, especially since I didn’t have any drip lines in place yet when this happened. Also, this was a full head of cabbage one day, and the next it looked like the picture, so it happened very quickly which led me to think it was an animal or pest, though we never did get a definitive answer. 😄


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