What is eating my cabbage?!

A quick jaunt to the garden this morning uncovered a mystery. One of my cabbages has something munching on it. My first thought was maybe a monsterous cabbage worm, but there isn’t really any poop around or in it so I’m thinking maybe it is becoming a snack for something larger. Do squirrels eat cabbage?!

What I Planted: 2015

Perennials and plants that reseeded: blackberries (wild and planted) raspberries (wild and planted) gooseberries (wild) chamomile (reseeded in the garden) mulberry trees (wild) rhubarb (just found this near the old garden) asparagus Seeds started inside: Tomatoes Ropreco Paste (Seeds of Change, 2011) – 3/6 Rutgers (American Seed,  2011) – 3/3 Red Riesentraube (Baker Creek, 2011) – …