If you haven’t watched Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address, I highly suggest taking a quick break to give it a listen, or click over to the Stanford website to read it.

  Excuse me for a bit. I have some reading to do. 😀

2017 brought many changes for the cookgardensew family, including a new locale! Click to read more and check out the new garden and our “urban homestead” in Colorado.

This morning I noticed my favorite sign of spring – the first asparagus tips peeking through. The tall one is about the size of my thumb. Hooray!  

We happened to catch a glimpse of this fawn today. No mama in sight. It nibbled on some drop apples and then ran off.

The mulberries on the trees that line our yard are beginning to ripen. Time to pick, clean and dehydrate some to follow through on my goals for the year! I may even make some jam!

Just this week we started finding hundreds (ok thousands) of cicadas outside each morning and everyday the hum in the air is growing. A bit of searching turned up that 2014 in our part of IL is the year for emergence of brood III of the Magicacada, a 17 year periodical cicada. For more info on cicadas, including pictures and videos, check out cicadamania.com. Cicada emerging:   Have you seen any cicadas… Read More

This will be our first full summer in our new house. We have a lot on our plate this year with gardening and landscape work, so I am trying to be realistic on my goals while focusing on using what we have (wild fruit, fruit trees, etc) and making the most of what we grow. My food/garden goals for this year are (in no particular order) Gather and dehydrate some mulberries Freeze… Read More

Well, it is that time of year again in the Midwest. The storms are rolling in. Stay safe everyone!