Dropcloth Curtains – Easy Faux Roman Shades

When we moved into our new place a little over a year ago it was oddly void of window coverings. I guess the previous owners didn’t like them, though the house looked okay without them when we checked it out. After moving in we realized how much we disliked having nothing to cover the windowsContinue reading “Dropcloth Curtains – Easy Faux Roman Shades”

Comfy Sleep Set from Fishstick Designs

Pattern: Comfy Sleep Set from Fishsticks Designs Size: 2T with length and bottom band added to top Material: Airplane knit from fabric.com My little guy was in need of a few more pairs of PJs and I decided I wanted to try this pattern out. I love a free pattern! I lengthened the shirt forContinue reading “Comfy Sleep Set from Fishstick Designs”

Finally some sewing! A Katrina’s Soaker Diaper Cover

Pattern: Free Katrina’s Soaker Size: Small Material: Polar Fleece Embroidery From: Embroidery Library (I think) For having the word “sew” in the title, the blog has been seriously lacking in some sewing posts! So today I set out to change that. I have had this embroided fleece cut laying around for awhile (a few years…) and finally decided itContinue reading “Finally some sewing! A Katrina’s Soaker Diaper Cover”