Finally some sewing! A Katrina’s Soaker Diaper Cover

Emroidered Fleece Katrina's Soaker - Back

Pattern: Free Katrina’s Soaker
Size: Small
Material: Polar Fleece
Embroidery From: Embroidery Library (I think)

For having the word “sew” in the title, the blog has been seriously lacking in some sewing posts! So today I set out to change that. I have had this embroided fleece cut laying around for awhile (a few years…) and finally decided it was to be a soaker for a friend.

I made the small, thinking that I used that size when my son was tiny but it came out much bigger than I remembered. I think the XS would have been a better choice. At least they are easy to sew up! Seriously if you haven’t made one of these you should. They come together very quickly, don’t require a serger (though you can use one) and work great over a prefold or fitted cloth diaper.






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