2011 – Gardening Lessons Learned


Since this is my first year starting seeds and gardening I thought it would be a good idea to keep some notes of what to do and not to do next year. Here’s what I have noted so far:

  • Seedlings grew better in plastic pots than in the coir pots or the peat pots. Save lots of yogurt tubs.
  • The best starting medium was a mixture of compost/coconut coir with a small amount of azomite powder.
  • Make sure to transplant seedlings into bigger containers when needed. See previous comment on yogurt containers.
  • Learn how to harden off plants better. Be more patient with the process.
  • Plant more beets. Lots more beets.
  • Don’t bother planting Kale and Broccoli inside for transplants. They grew just as well when direct sown.
  • Keep the shop light as close as possible to so the seedlings don’t get so leggy.
  • Don’t assume that something (zucchini) will take to a trellis.
  • Thin your seedlings (the direct sown ones) even more than you think you need to. Then do it again.
  • Plant mint and catnip in pots. Not raised beds. They really are taking over.
  • Succession plant the lettuce to get the most out of it.
  • Get the straw to mulch the beds. Seriously, just get it done already.
  • Figure out something better to grow under the shade of the trellises. Lettuce maybe? Then plant it under plastic mulch since weeding there is nearly impossible.
  • Plant more (purposely) of those radishes with the yummy seed pods.
  • Get the backgarden (corn!) in much sooner.
  • Plant more bush beans in the back. They are so fun to pick!
  • Build bigger (width and height) tomato cages. Those tomato plants are monsters!

Well, that’s my notes for now. I’m sure you’ll see some new ones as the season goes on!

To end today, here’s a small garden update gallery. Pictures from July 11. Click to enlarge them. Happy gardening – may we learn as much every year as we do the first!

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    Book-marked, I love your site! 🙂


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