Sorry for the Radio Silence! Our Week and the Bumper Tomato Crop

You may have noticed that things were pretty quiet around here a bit ago. You may also have noticed my brief (to say the least) bumper tomato crop post. The two definitely coincide.

Unfortunately, the bumper tomato crop was not my own (though mine are certainly doing well). We spent the better part of a week with family, helping in the garden, playing, swimming and enjoying the company.

We helped gather the fruits of the garden and spent time learning together how to can tomatoes. We went for ranger rides and went fishing and swimming at the pool. It was a wonderful week!

I thought I’d share a few more pics with you of our week as I work on putting together the next few posts – hopefully on homemade laundry soap, canning tomatoes and jam (not in the same jars though!), and a backgarden update.

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