Could I ask an easy favor? Organic Gardening Photo Contest

I have exciting news. I submitted a photo to the 2011 Photo Contest from Organic Gardening and I was selected as one of the 10 finalists! My picture is number 5 – Picking Beans with Grandpa. It is a photo of my dad and my daughter picking green beans together. It is a treasured photo of mine and I’m glad I could share it.

One of my main reasons for gardening is my children. I involve them in the day-to-day gardening tasks whenever I can because I want them to know that food doesn’t magically appear on grocery store shelves. I want them to know how much hard work goes into the nutritious food on their plate. I want them to experience the sunshine and the rain and to understand how the weather affects the way things grow. I want them to share in the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with eating and enjoying fruit and vegetables that we have nurtured to fruition.

This picture encompasses all of that for me.

Could I ask for a minute of your day to check out the contest page and vote? You don’t have to register to vote, you just choose your image and enter your email address. There are 10 stunning garden photographs to choose from. I won’t be offended if you don’t choose mine, but appreciate it if you do! The main prize is a new camera, and I’d love to be able to take even better garden/cooking/sewing photos to share with you!

And remember – you can vote once per day in September!


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