2014 Growing and Gathering Goals

This will be our first full summer in our new house. We have a lot on our plate this year with gardening and landscape work, so I am trying to be realistic on my goals while focusing on using what we have (wild fruit, fruit trees, etc) and making the most of what we grow.Continue reading “2014 Growing and Gathering Goals”

What a difference a morning makes!

This morning we added a cubic yard of compost to the beds that we cleared the sod from. After that we dumped back the extra dirt that was scraped off the garden and another spot we cleared. The beds are nice and fluffy now and ready for planting. Now it is on to cleaning upContinue reading “What a difference a morning makes!”

Seedling Growth Update

Chia (above) – I’m not sure what I’ll do with this. It was more of a last-minute idea to throw some chia seeds in the flat. A throwback to Chia Pets if you will. I think it needs a warmer climate than mine (Zone 5).  I will see I guess! Kale – Growing quickly withContinue reading “Seedling Growth Update”

Tomatoes, Peppers and herb starts

The seeds are in the dirt! I took some time a week ago and cleaned out the seed starting trays and mixed together my mix (coco coir and worm castings). I used Apple Numbers to layout my trays and decide what to plant where. I planted the seeds, based on what I had leftover fromContinue reading “Tomatoes, Peppers and herb starts”