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Growing Excitement

I think the best part of gardening is the anticipation – from looking at seeds and deciding the varieties to watching the little sprouts poke out from the earth (or the seed starting pots under the lights). Then a few months later the excitement builds when the first fruit blossoms from the tiny flowers. From that point it is all about waiting for the colors to change and that fruit to grow and ripen. It’s a long, drawn out, garden slow dance, with the plants taking the lead and the gardener watching and waiting, wondering – what will grow? will it be tasty? will the bugs beat me to it?

For this moment in time yes, they grew, the bugs haven’t won out (yet!) and oh yes – they are sure tasty!

Here’s what things are looking like. I was away for 5 days and was pleasantly surprised to return to this:





If you told me a few years ago that I would be this excited about things growing in my yard I might have laughed. Oh, how things have changed! πŸ™‚





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