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  • July Garden Update

    July Garden Update

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  • The first tomatoes are in. Early.

    The first tomatoes are in. Early.

    The tomatoes have been in the cold frame for a few weeks now and are doing well. Yesterday I moved the rest of the cattle panel trellises into the garden and connected them with temporary zip ties to the t-posts. Today I will be using the metal connector wires to make sure they are solid.…

  • Seedling Growth Update #2

    Seedling Growth Update #2

    The tomato seedlings were repotted almost two weeks ago and have been out in the cold frame since. They are growing steadily and heartily. Hopefully they will be hardened off and ready to go in the garden in a week or two once the weather levels out.

  • Seedling Growth Update

    Seedling Growth Update

    Chia (above) – I’m not sure what I’ll do with this. It was more of a last-minute idea to throw some chia seeds in the flat. A throwback to Chia Pets if you will. I think it needs a warmer climate than mine (Zone 5).  I will see I guess! Kale – Growing quickly with…

  • Tomatoes, Peppers and herb starts

    Tomatoes, Peppers and herb starts

    The seeds are in the dirt! I took some time a week ago and cleaned out the seed starting trays and mixed together my mix (coco coir and worm castings). I used Apple Numbers to layout my trays and decide what to plant where. I planted the seeds, based on what I had leftover from…

  • Seedlings (Gallery)

    Seedlings (Gallery)

  • Seed Starting 2013

    Seed Starting 2013

    I started my first seeds of 2013 today. Since it is really early I just did tomatoes and peppers. There are nine starts each of eight varieties – four each of peppers and tomatoes. They are: Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes from Heirlooms Evermore Riesentraube Tomatoes from Baker Creek Amish Paste Tomatoes from Baker Creek Double Rich…

  • Canning Mishap

    Canning Mishap

    I am canning tomato sauce this afternoon and just had my first mishap. I loaded the last jar (a short pint jar) in and lowered the basket into the almost boiling water. Then “plumpf.” Said jar then did a backflip, losing it’s bottom and much of the contents in the process. Boo. So now what…

  • Canning Tomato Sauce using the Omega 8004/8006 Juicer

    Canning Tomato Sauce using the Omega 8004/8006 Juicer

    With the bounty of tomatoes from my garden and those of our families I have been looking into canning. I have already canned tomatoes in their own juice, but I realized that we go through quite a few cans of tomato sauce each month making pizza and spaghetti and a few other dishes. I decided…

  • Sunday Harvest

    Sunday Harvest

    We spent this beautiful Sunday morning out in the garden. It began with an impromptu hornworm spotting that turned into a full on hornworm massacre. I think we killed at least 10. Yuck. They are so big and gross and are able to blend in so easily right in front of your eyes! Once we…

  • Bumper Tomato Crop

    Bumper Tomato Crop

    More on these in a few days!    

  • Veggie Salad in a Cucumber Cup

    Veggie Salad in a Cucumber Cup

    Several days ago I was surfing recipe sites and pinterest-ing (is that a word?) them . I marked this one down but wasn’t sure I’d try it. Fast forward to today. I happened to have some mint that I thinned out of the garden and wasn’t sure what to do with it. This recipe was the…

  • Today’s Harvest

    Today’s Harvest

    I spent some time in the garden today, squishing the dreaded cabbage worms and pulling some weeds. It felt good to bring all these veggies in to the kitchen though!

  • Meatless Taco Salad

    Meatless Taco Salad

    I have some garden produce to use up so I was going back through my Pinterest pins looking for ideas and I came across this one. It uses mostly things I have on hand and sounded delicious so I thought I’d give it a try. I am so glad I did! This recipe comes from…

  • Growing Excitement

    Growing Excitement

    I think the best part of gardening is the anticipation – from looking at seeds and deciding the varieties to watching the little sprouts poke out from the earth (or the seed starting pots under the lights). Then a few months later the excitement builds when the first fruit blossoms from the tiny flowers. From…

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