Hornworms and Cucumber Beetles

I went out to the garden this morning to see my pepper plant stripped of its leaves and most of the peppers. And see that poop all underneath it? Yuck.


Um, not good.

A quick google turned up information on hornworms. So I went out to search. Nothing I read prepared me for the nastiness that is a hornworm. I was looking all over the plants for the caterpillar looking worm I saw in the pictures, lifting branches and looking carefully. Then I see this. Don’t mind my garden tools sitting there.

It was HUGE! At least as thick around as my thumb. Much bigger than I anticipated. And it was over by my tomatoes, about 6 feet away from the pepper plant that was devastated. I am crossing my fingers, hoping that this was the only one. Hopefully. Cause they are super nasty.

I took some pictures then dropped it into the bucket of soapy water I used to get rid of the cucumber beetles this morning.

I recently read this post at Simplifiy, Live, Love and it got me wondering about cucumber beetles. A quick google for more pictures solidified my fears. Yep, those bugs all over my pumpkins are not harmless. So into a bucket of soapy water they got knocked. And tomorrow hopefully there will be less of them.


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