Excalibur Dehydrator Frustration – It’s Loud!



I was able to get the new fan blade installed. It helped, a little. The machine is still noisy, but since it dries food so well we just deal with it.

I am SO frustrated with the Excalibur people. I received an Excalibur 3900 as a gift last Christmas (2010). What an awesome gift, right?! I love how quickly and evenly it dries food.

My biggest complaint is how loud it is. We can’t run it at night because even with it shut in the laundry room downstairs it is so loud it wakes us up upstairs. I had just accepted that the noise was part of it when I heard a friend’s Excalibur running. Or rather, didn’t hear. It was quite noiseless. Especially compared to the grinding hum that mine produces.

So I called Excalibur. After all, it had made this noise since the day I received it, which had been less than 6 months at the time I called. To begin the saga, they weren’t able to ship a replacement part (fan blade is what they said after no more than 10 seconds of my description) to me because I wasn’t the purchaser. They weren’t going to cover it under warranty at all since I wasn’t the original purchaser (even though it was a gift) but eventually agreed that we would just do this under the name of the person that gifted it to me. Which also meant that the part had to be shipped to that person. And I had to pay for shipping too – almost $8 – on a part for something that has never worked correctly.

So I relented and figured that it was worth $8 to have the quiet and be able to actually use it. So yesterday I finally got the part from the gifter (who lives an hour and half away from me) and opened it up. Yep, it’s a fan blade. With zero instructions.

Now, I am a technical person. I dismantled and fixed computers both as a hobby and at a previous job. So I figured I would tackle this and get it done since I happened to have a child-free day today. I got the back off of the dehydrator and can see the fan blade. Inside a cage. Where the screws are ridiculously tight. And one screw is missing.

And then I got frustrated. I am dismantling a very expensive piece of electrical kitchen equipment that was defective on purchase. At my expense. And they couldn’t even bother to send instructions.

So I did a search online and all I can find is to call them and they will walk me through it.


So there it sits, unfixed. And I’m feeling bitter about having to fix something that should have worked from the get go. In my search for directions on replacing the fan blade I came across many accounts of people saying their Excalibur dehydrator was so noisy it was unusable at night or when family was home because they couldn’t talk over it. I’m starting to think that quality control at this company must be seriously lacking.


If you’re listening Excalibur, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Shipping defective products then expecting your customers to fix them with no printed instructions and eat the shipping expense on the parts. What a disappointment.

Side note – I am an affiliate at Cultures for Health, and that is where my dehydrator was purchased. You won’t find any affiliate links in this post. With the issues I’ve had with this dehydrator I can’t say that I would recommend an Excalibur at this time. I do still love Cultures for Health though. 🙂

photo credit: Living Fitness UK via photopin cc

4 responses to “Excalibur Dehydrator Frustration – It’s Loud!”

  1. enfuegoinc Avatar

    I was sorry to read about the situation with your Excalibur product. They claim to stand by their products. I hope you find a solution to the Excalibur Dehydrator Frustration – It’s Loud saga. I appreciate your honesty Katie.


  2. nonono Avatar

    Wow… I don’t know how they have the repuration they have!! I am in the exact situation.. years later! A friend had bought her excaliber, and then just never used it. I happened to mention I wanted one, and she said, oh, I have this one, and I ‘ve been meaning to take it to goodwill for months! Uhm.. scuse me?!? So She sent it to me instead thankfully!! Anyway.. load it up.. turn it on.. sounds like it’s going to explode!! NOthing is ‘rubbing’ because the second you turn it off the noise stops while the fan still winds down. Thankfully, I’ve had it on for 5 minutes and the noise is slowly going away, so maybe it was just ‘settling in’.

    but yeay.. they won’t change if poeple keep buying on mostly good repuration. The only change is to contact managers / ceo’s directly, advertising you’ll spread word, better yet with links showing that you have. The rep on the phone can’t do anything, and they don’t really go searching for bad reviews. But I did, thanks!


  3. lucy Avatar

    Agree with above. I bought Excalibur from UK distributor few years ago. It was VERY noisy from the start. For the first 2 years I thought it was supposed to be like that (and covering the sides with towels, cardboard and what not to reduce the noise) (never mind fire risk) until I heard another excalibur at my friend’s house who recently bought it. Noislless!! Just slight pleasant humming. So, too I was sold faulty machine….at a new machine price. When I plan to dry some food in it I always think : “Can I bear the noise tonight?”. I contacted them and was told to replace a part… I am not an electrician, so ordering from states, postage fees and fixing it myself. A bit too much. I think I will buy another brand, and make sure I will never recommend Excalibur to anyone.


  4. wabi sabi Avatar
    wabi sabi

    A friend gave me her Excalibur, last year. Said she hadn’t used it for years….

    When I started it up, I understood why! It was as loud as a small plane engine! I shut it off immediately, knowing that i would NEVER use it. Ended up giving it to another friend who does a lot of dehydrating.

    Did some research, & found another brand of dehydrator that’s very quiet when in use, & works great.


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