Comfy Sleep Set from Fishstick Designs


Pattern: Comfy Sleep Set from Fishsticks Designs
Size: 2T with length and bottom band added to top
Material: Airplane knit from

My little guy was in need of a few more pairs of PJs and I decided I wanted to try this pattern out. I love a free pattern! I lengthened the shirt for growing room and added a bottom band. Basically I was lazy and didn’t feel like hemming and I had the rib knit out.

The grey rib knit in my stash was about 4 inches shorter than the required length for the neckband, so it’s a bit bunchy along that piece since I stretched what I had to fit. I also cut the sleeves into short sleeves and the armbands were cut for wrists so they are a bit on the tight side. Luckily they stretch. If I have to I’ll chop them off and add new, bigger ones.

And I was excited to finally use more of my tags. I know the little man will love this dinosaur!

Dinosaur Tag

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