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Garden Update

Everything is growing like crazy!

The sugar pie pumpkins are snaking their way up the trellis, and to the next trellis, and on the ground, and over the flowers… They are unstoppable and I’m going to have to cut them back even if it pains me.

My calabrese broccoli finally started to grow a head. Something is eating the top leaves though. I have pulled off a few green stripey caterpillars but that doesn’t seem to be stopping it.

My tomatoes (big beef, amish paste, and riesentraube) and all growing like gangbusters. The big beef has been setting fruit for a few weeks though none of it is ripe yet. The others are just starting to set fruit which is so exciting! I think my number one lesson from this first year of gardening is definitely to space things farther apart. Even though that’s so hard to do when the plants are tiny. They are growing together VERY quickly. šŸ™‚ And the two bigger tomatoes have already topped their 4 foot cages.

There is one small red mini bell pepper forming and the other pepper plants are all growing well. The chinese 5 color pepper has small flowers on it so we’ll see if they turn into fruit. I hope!

The peas are taking over and not showing any sign of slowing. They have topped the 6 foot trellis. The purple podded pole beans are soon to follow. They are growing like weeds even though there are no beans yet.

The black valentine (supposed to be pole) beans are bushing out like crazy and it’sĀ apparentĀ that they are bush beans and not pole beans like Baker Creek had them listed. I need to contact them on that soon. They do have tiny green beans on them though!

TheĀ zucchiniĀ plant is massively taking over and I’m going to have to cut it back soon in order to walk between the beds. There are several littleĀ zucchinisĀ on it though.

Lettuce is starting to go to seed in the heat. We are sill eating it though and the taste is still pretty good – not too bitter. The spinach has long gone to seed but the kale is thriving and the leaves are huge! We are making lots of juice from the kale, and green smoothies too.

The beets are almost gone. I think I need to plant more soon.

Onions are growing great and the lima beans are taking off too. The mint and catnip are alredy making me wish I put them in a pot. They may getĀ transplantedĀ out soon.

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