First Tomato of 2011

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The first big beef tomato has ripened! Well, mostly. I went ahead and picked it early because it has blossom end rot. This was one of the tomatoes that was already on the plant before I transplanted it and from my reading it seems like that is likely the cause of the rot. The rest of the tomatoes on the plant (and it’s putting on lots of fruit!) look fine so I’m not worried.

I went ahead and picked it because it seemed silly to have the plant put more energy into this fruit when there are lots growing. Or at least that’s my excuse for my impatience! This one will be cut up later today and so long as it looks ok on the inside will become something yummy.

From what I understand about blossom end rot it occurs because of a lack of calcium in the soil and is common on the first fruits. I was pretty relieved to read that. A few weeks ago I cooked and crushed up egg shells, mixed the with powdered milk and azomite powder and dressed the plants with the mixture so I’m hoping that helps alleviate any possible problem. Only time will tell!


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