Seed Starting 2013


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I started my first seeds of 2013 today. Since it is really early I just did tomatoes and peppers. There are nine starts each of eight varieties – four each of peppers and tomatoes. They are:

  • Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes from Heirlooms Evermore
  • Riesentraube Tomatoes from Baker Creek
  • Amish Paste Tomatoes from Baker Creek
  • Double Rich Tomatoes from Seeds of Change
  • Sweet Cherry Peppers from Heirlooms Evermore
  • Red Mini Bell Peppers from Baker Creek
  • Chinese Five Color Peppers from Baker Creek
  • Emerald Giant Pepper from Baker Creek

It is interesting to note that most of these seeds are from 2011 so I will be taking note of what the germination rates look like.



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