Chia Seedlings
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Seedling Growth Update

Chia (above) – I’m not sure what I’ll do with this. It was more of a last-minute idea to throw some chia seeds in the flat. A throwback to Chia Pets if you will. I think it needs a warmer climate than mine (Zone 5).  I will see I guess!

Kale – Growing quickly with its first real leaves! My hope it to try to grow these inside. I prefer to seed kale outside generally.20140312-155309.jpg

Lettuce – Slow growing. Hoping to grow these on the sun porch when it warms up a bit overnight20140312-155225.jpg

Tomatoes – No change yet20140312-155058.jpg

Peppers – these have been the slowest to start, but I can see a few are barely beginning to sprout20140312-155022.jpg


How are your seedlings doing? Are you sprouting anything unusual this year?

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